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SPLIT EGG preview + Top 10 Twins of All Time

On this week's Talking Tricks, we preview our show SPLIT EGG: A Magic Show About Being Twins and discuss everything that led to it making its London debut.

Find out the one question everyone asked that inspired the show’s concept, its name, narrative and two-year journey to opening in the UK’s capital.

We also discuss the many magic and variety shows on offer in October including: Jay Adkins – A State of Mind, Griffin & Jones – Lock In Cabaret, Circus 1903, Neil Kelso I Draw Clouds, Beautiful Magicians Club, Seance: Conversations in the Dark by Christopher Howell and Darcy Oake.

Plus Kane & Abel list their Top 10 Twins of all time.

SPLIT EGG: A Magic Show About Being Twins is on at the Etcetera Theatre, Camden, London on Saturday 16th November at 9pm.

** Every ticket sold at the link below will go towards planting a new tree in the UK.**

Listen via iTunes, Podbean or acast.

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