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Session preview with Andi Gladwin

his week on Talking Tricks, we are joined by Andi Gladwin to preview January's The Session magic and mentalism convention.

Andi discusses exactly what to expect from the three-day convention he organises with his Vanishing Inc. magic business partner Joshua Jay which will star Mac King, Max Maven, Ben Hart, Andy Nyman, Dani DaOrtiz, Michael Weber, Juke Lermay and many many more.

We also chat about the origins and inspirations of the convention, Vanishing Inc's brand new Costa Rica event The Retreat and Andi's top tips of magic books all magicians must read. Also, find out why Garry Starr is this week's #gigoftheweek The Session takes place in London between January 11th and 13th.

Listen to the podcast via Podbean or iTunes at the links below:

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