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Royalty, TV and magic with Chris Dugdale

Magician Chris Dugdale joins us on Talking Tricks this week to talk royalty, TV, magic and much much more.

Dugdale has performed for HRH The Queen, rock and roll royalty, Richard Branson and even celebrity chef Gary Rhodes (we know we're excited about the latter). He also talks to us about his exciting new television project he is working on, even though it is quite hush hush at the moment and we discuss his brand new book XYA.

Dugdale also chats about his performance on Penn & Teller Fool Us that ITV described as having the best ending to a TV magic trick ever and currently has more than 5 MILLION views on YouTube, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and his career in magic!

Listen to this fascinating interview via Podbean or iTunes at the links below:

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