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Regurgitation, magic and more with Kieron Lefever

Regardless of if you know him as Kieron Lefever, Kieron Johnson or Kieron The Mighty you will know Kieron as one of the most inventive and highly-regarded magicians on the planet.

He joins us on Talking Tricks to discuss being one of just seven known regurgitators on the planet and how it feels to create cutting-edge magic that is performed by other magicians on stage and screen.

Kieron also talks about using regurgitation to mess with airport security, getting into magic through ‘Cardtoon’, leaving the Navy and spending most of his savings on magic tricks, using maths to get money off sweets and why magicians are getting lazy.

He also chats about some of his biggest inspirations in magic and shares top tips all magicians must hear.

Listen via Podbean, iTunes and acast.

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