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Live tour, and a weekly blog

Updated: Jan 19, 2018

Welcome to the first in what we hope will become a weekly blog to keep you entertained and informed as we partake in our most ambitious year as a comedy magic double act. But don't worry, as much as we love 'The show about nothing' Seinfield this blog will be anything but a blog about nothing. Instead, we will provide you with our reviews of some of the places we plan to visit throughout 2018 - including what we'd recommend seeing, eating and doing if you find yourself with some time in a place where we have performed. Of course, we will keep you up-to-date with where we plan to perform so you have the chance to come and see us live!

We will start the year spending January in our adopted home of London, before jetting off the Adelaide, where we will be performing our Breaking the Magicians' Code show to Bruces, Sheilas and maybe even some Skippys (expect on onslaught of pictures of us with rugged Aussie blokes, glamorous ladies and cute kangaroos) between February 16th and March 4th at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

As long as we don't suffer sun stroke, or fall into some mischief with the local wildlife we will return from Australia to perform in the west of England as part of the Bath Comedy Festival on April 7th at The Mission Theatre. In May, we will get the chance to compare the beach life we hopefully would have grown accustomed to in Oz with the great British seaside as we perform in Brighton at The Warren, The Otherplace on May 12th, 13th, 19th and 20th as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival. We promise to review all the great shows and fantastic food we eat during our travels right here.

Until next time, you stay magic!

Kane & Abel

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