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It's a 'Miracle' Netflix has added a magic show

NETFLIX has revolutionised the way we consume content and also provided us with some of the greatest series in recent history. Stranger Things, GLOW, Orange Is The New Black, Narcos, Bojack Horseman, The Crown and Master of None are all ‘Netflix Originals’. Add to that list shows such as Breaking Bad, Peaky Blinders, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Making a Murderer and you have all the viewing you could ever desire. And I haven’t even mentioned the movies, yet.

However, apart from the wonderful Pen & Teller Fool Us and the infamous Breaking the Magicians’ Code, Netflix has always fallen short when it comes to magic. I remember five or six years ago we were treated to a fantastic Amazing Jonathan special, but that didn’t stay on the streaming giant for very long. But could this all be about to change?

Last week, Netflix added Derren Brown Miracle to the site with all the bells and whistles of a main banner ad and a place firmly in the ‘recently added’ section. The same production was not put behind Derren’s other show that has made it to Netflix ‘The Push’. Miracle has everything needed to get people talking and force Netflix to hunt out fellow magic shows to add to its content list, or perhaps even create the first ever ‘Netflix Originals’ magic content.

Derren Brown’s real skill has always been combining his magic and mentalism routines with expert storytelling. We are treated to the same in Miracle as Derren performs impossible predictions using audience suggestions, hair-raising stunts with nails and

lightbulbs and his own highly-creative spin on coin magic. But the real kicker in this show is Derren’s faith healer shtick. He eradicates long-standing pain from a ridiculous amount of audience members and even transfers one volunteers bad eye sight into a sceptical punter. But the real miracle of Miracle is how Derren manages to send every single one of the 2,000 people in attendance at his live show home questioning what is possible and feeling like they can achieve anything. Even sitting at home, it is impossible not to feel inspired and uplifted watching Derren’s special. Let’s hope the Netflix executives feel the same and give us not only the original Derren Brown programming that have long been rumoured but also scour the world for the greatest magic shows to add to its offerings.

A quick trip to Las Vegas or the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is all it would take for Netflix to find plenty of shows perfect to add to its site.

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