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Hallowe'en week kicks off with Griffin & Jones on Talking Tricks

We are kicking off Hallowe'en week by discussing the Brighton Horror Festival and traditional seances with magic double act Griffin & Jones.

The pioneers of slapdash magic Griffin & Jones are this week's guests on Talking Tricks and they tell us all about their Talking to the Dead - a seance show that ran at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August and at last weekend's festival in Brighton.

They also discuss their horror play Father of Lies, which ran at both festivals.

We also look at what it is like to be in a comedy magic double act, inspirations and reflect on previous year's Edinburgh Fringe Festivals.

You can listen to this fascinating podcast at either iTunes or Podbean (links below). Please make sure to rate, review and subscribe to help this podcast grow and to make sure you never miss an episode.


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