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From A-List LA royalty to the I Hate Children Children's Show with Paul Nathan

Celebrity magician Paul Nathan joins us on Talking Tricks to discuss his phenomenal career, from starting out performing close-up magic in nightclubs for the rich and the famous in LA including Prince and Grace Jones to his iconic performances at Glastonbury Festival and how he inadvertently created and starred in the smash-hit kids' magic show The I Hate Children Children's Show and won huge awards at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Paul also talks about leaving Hollywood A-Listers behind to become a street performer and how he ended up running his own theatre in San Francisco. As well as telling amazing stories from his life on the road, Paul reveals that he has just bought a new mansion in the States that could become a new Mecca for magical performances. 

You can listen to the podcast via iTunes or Podbean at the links below:

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