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Australian cultural learnings

During our month-long visit to Australia, which included 25 shows at the world’s 2nd larget arts festival Adelaide Fringe Festival, we thoroughly enjoyed soaking up both the Aussie sun and culture.

Here, we present to you our cultural learnings from the land down under.

1) Getting on TV is really, really easy. Within two days of being in Adelaide we filmed an interview and performed a section of our show for Today/ Tonight on the 7 Network. Thinking something sounds familiar there? Well, you probably recognise the 7 Network as being the home of iconic soap Neighbours. Our primetime appearance on the channel means we have laid the foundations for a similar path to success as Kyle Minogue, Delta Goodrem and Holly Valance. The next step is surely global pop superstardom. You can look forward to seeing us barring our midriffs and gyrating to our mega chart hit this summer – you have been warned. We were also interviewed by SceneTV. You can see this video below.

2) The waves are massive and Bondi lifeguards know we can’t handle them. We aren’t sure what gave us away. Maybe was the fact we turned up to Bondi Beach bloated, pale, wearing our tortoiseshell geek-sheik glasses and carrying a massive bag of sandwiches and pad Thai but the lifeguards on Australia’s most famous beach took one look at us and banned us from entering the water. We convinced them to let us wade into the sea up to our waist, but were quickly knocked down by the waves, spun around under the ocean and washed back up on shore covered in cuts and sand. Overall, we had a total ‘rad’ time.

3) Kangaroos are everywhere, as soon as you leave the city. Having driven a mere 10 hours outside of Adelaide we saw a shadow about 500 yards from the side of the road that slightly resembled a kangaroo. After 20 minutes of quietly examining of the shadow, it skipped away proving it was in fact a kangaroo. 20 minutes well spent, we thought. However, when we turned the corner we saw roughly 300 kangaroos lazing in the early-evening sun. If only we’d turned the corner sooner. On arrival at our B&B, there was even a kangaroo sat outside our door. We cautiously opened the door and checked every nook and cranny of the Mount Sturgeon Lodge expecting to find more kangaroos, but all we found was one that had been shrunk and turned into an air freshener.

4) Australian coffee is great, so is the wine and the cider. Oh, and of course the beer!

5) Lizards are suicidal. We found a lizard under our bed and placed it on the wall outside. It immediately leapt from the wall to its death. Enough said.

6) Late night, live comedy podcast recordings are a lot of fun and we make great scorekeepers. For more on this listen to the Damnitleanne Earliest Morning Breakfast Game Show.

7) There’s massive pictures of Jeff Goldblum holding giant sandwiches on the side of buses and, maybe, trams. From close studying, we discovered that these adverts are to promote Menulog. We have no idea what Menulog is because if you use Jeff Goldblum to promote anything you can guarantee we will not remember it and will instead spend the next hour continually reciting Jeff’s ‘Life finds a way’ speech from Jurassic Park.

8) Everything is Australia is very literal. The Great Ocean Road is great, it is a road and it is by the ocean. Giant Koala, a place on the Western Highway between Adelaide and The Grampians, has a giant koala. We could go on, but we don’t want to be too literal about how literal Australia is.

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